Our Great HOT Sauces
Real Habanero Extra Hot
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Green Tacos

Green Tacos

Our Great Veggie Poblano Taco $3.00 e/a. Add Avocado $1.00
We have Flour or Corn* (Gluten Free*) Tortillas.
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Combo Top Sirloin


4 Tacos + Avocado or Drink $12.00 (both $1.00)
All Tacos include Cheese, they can be Flour or Corn tortilla. You can add: Cilantro, onion and sauces: Hot Habanero, Medium Avocado and Mild Tomato… mmmh Delicious!
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Can Soda $1.50, Mexican Drinks: Horchata or Jamaica Water $2.50, Coffee $2.00, Natural Juice $2.50, Bottled Water $1.50
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Bacon / Chorizo / Potatoes / Sausage + Egg + Cheese.
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1 lb. To Go for $22.00 We can Grill your Top Sirloin or Chicken by the Pound + 20 Corn Tortillas or 10 Flour Tortillas + Our Delicious Sauces + Beans + Cilantro and Onion.
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Taco Top Sirloin


$3.00 Cheese Included Our delicious options are: Top Sirloin (Beef-Steak), Pork Belly (Chicharron prensado), Top Chicken Tacos, Veggie Poblano Tacos and Refried Beans Tacos.  You can add Avocado or Poblano  for $1.00


Some of our Specials for this Season:  Pastor Tacos, “Charro Beans” & Tamales.  Ask for our great Promos!

  • Avery Ranch Top Dinner 04/13/2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 14515 Staked Plains Loop, Austin, TX 78717, USA

    We will be parking by the Trail of Lights. Join us for a Top Dinner: Top Flavor, Top Ingredients, Top Service... TOP TACOS IN AUSTIN 🙂

    More details - Google Calendar
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11200 Research Blvd & Balcones Woods, Austin TX 78759